Graduate Scholarships at the Technical University of Crete

PEF established in 2016 a graduate scholarship program to support research activities of junior faculty at TUC. The program was established by the former TUC Rector, Dr. Vasilios Digalakis, and the former PEF chairman, Dr. George Papadantonakis. Since then this program is under the auspices of the TUC Rector, Dr. Evangelos Diamantopoulos.

PEF provides $20,000 to fund four scholarships of four promising graduate students who have been selected after submission of their research proposals to the TUC Research Committee. In today’s competitive research world funding is absolutely necessary for the promotion of science and technology. PEF trustees fully understand these needs and they explore venues to increase the graduate scholarship grants in the future. It is hoped that the recipients will be benefited scientifically and they establish a future connection to the land and culture of Crete.