In 2015, the establishment of a new program Mathesis, a separate branch of Crete University Press aimed at bringing yet another institution to Greece: Massive Open Online Courses.  MOOCs were first launched by major US universities in 2011, and have now spread to all the countries shaping our common future.   

With 55,000 student enrollments and 33,000 certificates issued (on completion of exams), Mathesis –keeping in mind the population differences– is now one of the world’s most successful MOOC centers.  The instructors are the top academics in their field currently working at universities in Greece and abroad.

Attending Mathesis courses and sitting exams is free of charge. All they ask for is a small contribution (20 Euro) for course completion certificates. Mathesis believes that achieving equity of access to quality education is one of the noblest aims a modern democratic society should set itself.  All of the funding derives from generous initial support from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation (SNF). An endowment from a private donor combined with the voluntary (full time) work offered by Mathesis’ director, Dr. Stefanos Trahanas. The eventual goal is to have an entirely self-funding Mathesis within ten years.  

The Pancretan Endowment Fund is undertaking this program to raise needed funds for the sustainability of the Mathesis. 

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The goal is to raise $40,000 by July 30th.  Thanks to a number of wonderful donors, we have a challenge match of the first $20,000. In other words, for every donation you give towards this program, your dollar will be matched and your donation is doubled.

Please join us, just like we did over 35 years ago, when we first funded and created the Crete University Press to sustain this remarkable program. Submit the form below to notify us of your intent to contribute to Mathesis.