Officers of the Fund

Persons who are active in the PAA and who distinguish themselves in their careers are solicited to become Trustees of the PEF. This high honor carries with it the duty to guide the finances of the Trust which includes investment decisions and fundraising duties, as well as making important decisions on how the PEF will honor its financial obligations to support academic and cultural programs in Crete. At the 2011 national PAA convention, the role of past leaders of the PEF was formalized with the creation of an honorary title for those who no longer are on the Board but who continue to work on PEF issues.

Fund Officers

George A. Papadantonakis, Ph.D., Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Joanne Vasilomanolakis-Lagos, Pleasanton, California

Andrew Eliopoulos, Chicago, Illinois

Fund Trustees

Andrew Eliopoulos, Chicago, Illinois

Helene Mousouraki-Nakis, Maspeth, New York

Panagiotis Psarakis (PAA President),New Jersey

Anna Giannoulias, Chicago, Illinois

Dr. Joanne Vasilomanolakis-Lagos, Pleasanton, California

Nick Vlahakis, Williamsburgh, Virginia

Honorary Emeritii Members

Costas Stamis, Mt. Prospect, Illinois

Mary Vasilakis, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Manolis Velivasakis, P.E., Scarsdale, New York