University of Crete Summer Programs

summer-prog1_130The University of Crete Summer Program, in co-operation with DIAS International Academic Studies, offers college level courses to students at the University and Polytechnical Institute of Crete during the summer months.

Summer program eventThe courses are offered in English for credits which are fully recognized by many American and European Universities. The mission of the Program is to provide opportunities for American students to do more than just visit Crete: they learn to live among the people of Crete and within the culture of the island. For students of Cretan background, the University is a catalyst for reconnecting the youth to the heritage of their ancestors which encourages them to re-discover the land and culture of their parents and grandparents.

The Program has hosted students from all over the world, making the University of Crete an institution that is recognized by literally hundreds of universities in more than a dozen countries. The PEF has been a generous donor to the Programs and hundreds of students have had the benefit of attending courses within the Program and having a positive experience as a result.